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3 Fields Relying Heavily on Thermal Imaging Drones

Edwin Griffin

Ever since the invention of the drone, technology has continued to evolve for the better. Thermal detection is an area that drone developers are focusing on right now. While thermal technology has been around for a long time, its use in drones is new. Notably, professionals in different fields recognise the potential of thermal camera drones and consider the technology a valuable investment. This article highlights areas relying heavily on thermal imaging drones.

Infrastructure Inspection

The building and construction industry prioritises safety because simple mistakes can cause devastating damage and loss of lives. It is why structural engineers must inspect properties during and after construction. Major infrastructures, such as bridges and skyscrapers, require regular inspections for safety assurance. However, conducting such inspections manually is risky and exposes staff to injuries. Thermal imaging drones are a game-changer when it comes to infrastructure inspections. They can quickly spot damage, such as insulation issues, water accumulation beneath roofs, electrical issues, and wall fissures, among others. Moreover, thermal imaging drones can help inspect hard-to-reach spots easily and safely.


Whether it is law enforcement or perimeter security, preventing security breaches before they happen is critical. However, burglars and intruders are getting clever every day, coming up with creative ways of committing crimes. For example, a burglar can hide behind a bush or tree close to a perimeter fence and wait for darkness to climb the wall. While installing thermal cameras around a perimeter fence is effective, buying a single thermal imaging drone is cheaper. Security personnel can fly a drone around a facility perimeter looking for potential burglars. Besides, law enforcement officers rely on thermal imaging drones, particularly around border areas, to locate criminals hiding behind bushes.

Fire Fighting

Australia is known as the epicentre of global bushfires. However, did you know that only 1% of all bushfires in NSW in 2020 were arson-related? The stats reveal that natural causes are to blame for bushfires, giving firefighters something to think about. Situational awareness is an asset for firefighters because it helps them control bushfires and not the other way round. However, factors such as smoke and heat make it challenging to gather critical data that firefighters need, such as the rate of fire spread and sources of fire. Thermal imaging drones have shifted the tide in favour of firefighters because the technology can filter through smoke and take images to help detect hotspots. With accurate thermal imaging data, firefighters can improve deployment strategies and stay safe. 


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